AireBeam provides Free Technical and Customer Support.  We have divided Support into two categories:

  • Text via smart-phone: 520-510-0909 to receive real time tech support.
  • Tier 1 – these are the dedicated folks who answer the phone (520-233-7400).  They are equipped to handle routine account matters and to provide initial investigation into a trouble that you are reporting.  They can solve most problems relating to inside network or personal equipment matters.
  • Tier 2 – When Tier 1 folks isolate the problem to either our equipment on the outside of your home or to a network issue upstream from you, they escalate the trouble ticket to our Tier 2 folks.  They are equipped to delve into connectivity and performance problems and to order a truck roll if that is indicated.

2015 Call Center Expansion

  • The arrival of the 2014-15 Winter Visitor season increased the load on AireBeam’s existing customer service resources to the point where we failed to provide the high quality, timely service that our customers have come to expect from us.  We began to implement a more than 500% increase in support resources back in September and the new expanded call center went online on 1/15/15.  With more than 100 tech support reps and over 40 billing reps, customer “wait times” should be short and response time to repair should return to it usual same or next day.

What to expect when you call Customer Service

  • When you call, if all of our Tier 1 folks are talking to customers, your call will be placed into a call queue for a brief wait. If resources are available, your call will be handled immediately.
  • When you speak with a support rep, the rep is going to ask you to walk through some trouble shooting steps.  We must execute these steps, with your willing cooperation, before we can consider rolling a truck.  We understand that being faced with either an outage or slow service or some inside the house problem is frustrating for you, and our only goal is to identify the problem accurately, so that we can resolve it as fast as possible.

Text via smart-phone: 520-510-0909 to receive real time tech support.