Speed Test

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Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like AireBeam, Comcast or Cox provide the “Onramp” connection to the public Internet.  The connection between your computer and the target URL source is a chain of connections, usually numbering more than 10 and congestion along any one of the links in the chain is going to cause slowness and inconsistency.  The Internet is a public data highway and is subject to slowdowns during peak traffic times, which, are typically between 6-11pm M-F and most of the day Saturdays and Sundays.  Like the highways that you travel by car, when there is a lot of traffic, speeds slow down.  ISPs have no control over this phenomenon. Our role and responsibility is to assure that the portion of the connection that we provide is capable of carrying the traffic volume at the link speed to which you subscribed.  Unfortunately, none of us can guarantee peak speed or consistency.

When testing your download speed using a speed test server somewhere on the public Internet, you end up measuring not only the speed of your AireBeam connection, but also the speed of the Internet. For those of you who have used Speedtest.net in Phoenix (Brinkster), we found that routings had changed and what was a 4ms connection to Brinkster became over 80ms due to changes in routing (click Here if you want to know more about Internet routing) and that severely misrepresented the connection results.

To eliminate this distortion and to provide you with a more accurate measurement of the speed of the connection provided to you by AireBeam, we are provided a speedtest tool called AireCheck.  Using this tester,  you can be certain that you are measuring Airebeam’s connection to your home or business and not the Internet.

If you want to communicate with AireBeam support regarding speed, please take a screen shot of the results, (ALT + Prt SC) and email the screenshot with your communication.