Network Monitoring Alarms and Outages

AireBeam monitors all of its network assets 24x7x365.  Monitoring Alarms occur for several reasons:

  • Utility Power Failures local to the cell site – May be confirmed by checking the utility’s web site (APS, ED2, ED3, ED4, San Carlos Irrigation Project [SCIP])
  • Intermittent loss of contact due to traffic – will resolve in a matter of a few minutes
  • Actual equipment failure

Often, monitoring alarms revealed on this site are not actually outages, but intermittent losses of monitoring contact.  When an actual outage notification occurs, the AireBeam Network Engineering team first verifies the reason for the apparent outage alarm. Once we have confirmed that it is an actual equipment failure, we take the following actions:

  • If there will be daylight for at least 90 minutes (Pinal County) or 180 minutes (Maricopa County), AireBeam will dispatch an aerial bucket truck to make the repair. These trucks weight over 30,000lbs and take 20 minutes to mobilize. Respecting insurance and OSHA regulations, AireBeam only authorizes aerial activity during daylight hours.
  • If there is insufficient daylight, the dispatch will occur at first light the following morning.

The Action Status that has or will be taken will be displayed next to the topmost outage notification. Outage Notifications display the site that is down on top and all of the dependent sites below. A single outage can affect many connected dependent sites.

If you experience a loss of Internet service, verify that you live near an area documented in the alarm list and if so, wait a few hours before calling in to technical support.  Thanks in advance!