My Account – Accessing Customer Portal and Email

AireBeam maintains a Customer Access Portal (see the image above). You can use the portal to:

  • Text via smart-phone: 520-510-0909 to receive real time tech support.
  • Update your Debit or Credit card that is used for monthly AutoPay
  • Make a manual payment
  • Renew your WiFi service if you use AireBeam RV Resort WiFi

To access your account go to
Your account login will be either:

  • your email address if it is on file with AireBeam…or
  • your last-name
  • Your initial password is your principal phone number on file with AireBeam in the format:
    where AAA = Area Code, where EEE = Exchange, where NNNN = Number

    Example: 5204660000 (for the number that you might write as 520-466-0000). Note: Use NO punctuation, just 10 numeric digits.