AireBeam Broadband is dedicated to providing you with the fastest, best quality, High Speed Broadband Internet service available. Your satisfaction is our goal and we guarantee it.

Lowest Price for Service Level Guarantee
AireBeam guarantees that your price for a given level of service will be equal to or less than any competitive service available at your service location. If you receive an offer for a service level which can actually be installed at a lower price than AireBeam Broadband, we will beat the competitive offer by 10% per month as long as you remain an AireBeam Broadband customer or until you choose a different service level at which we are the lowest priced provider available at your service location.

Guaranteed Installation Service Level – Broadband
AireBeam guarantees that your connection will be installed and tested to meet our exacting standards of no (that means ZERO( 0)) packet loss and less than 30ms latency. If the installed connection does not meet these standards, you will be offered the option of accepting the service, if you find it satisfactory, or we will remove the service and will NOT charge you one penny. Note: Satellite Internet has thousands of customers who tolerate 750ms of latency and 10-20% packet loss. So, our guarantee is really generous and gives you a lot of “head room” for acceptance.

Guaranteed Installation Service Level – ePhone
AireBeam also guarantees our ePhone service and the ePhone adapter. If during the first month of service you are not completely satisfied, we will refund the service fee and the ePhone adapter fee (if you return it to us via UPS or give it to our installer when he is next in your area. If the adapter fails within 12 months, we will replace it at no cost to you.  ePhone voice quality is also guaranteed. The quality of a telephone conversation depends upon not only the quality of our ePhone service, but, also the quality of the service being provided to the person or entity that you are calling at the other end, over which we have no control. If you experience voice quality problems, we will test your connection. If we find that the latency (packet delay) is fluctuating by more than 80ms or is in excess of 150ms when measured to our ePhone switch in Casa Grande, we will either repair the connection or offer to terminate your ePhone service and refund your current month payment prorated to the number of days left in your current service period.

Guaranteed Installation Service Level – Air Routers
The same guarantee extends to wireless routers that you buy from AireBeam. If a router fails within 12 months of the date of purchase, we will replace it it, no questions asked.

If it Pertains to your Connection and We Supplied it, Service is Free
And as long as you are a customer of AIreBeam, there is never a service charge for repairing your Internet connection or replacing the equipment.  The one exception to this is that if someone, something or an animal or pet in your household destroys a cable or a power supply, we will ask you to pay for the cost of replacing that destroyed piece of equipment.

Ongoing Satisfaction Guarantee
If the quality of your connection deteriorates, upon receipt of your service request, network operations will test and repair your connection at no cost to you. If an on site service call is required, it will be provided at no additional charge to you as well. If you are not completely satisfied, you may terminate your service with AireBeam Broadband effective the end of the current service month with no further obligation.

Service Level Guarantee
If a temporary outage occurs lasting longer than 4 hours, caused by failure of our equipment, our circuits, (acts of God, nature and providers not included), you may request a service outage credit which will be applied to your next month’s service bill. Credits are calculated on the basis of 4 hour intervals as 1/180 of your monthly fee per each 4 hour interval or fraction thereof.

Service Cancellation
AireBeam customers are not bound by term contracts. AireBeam sells service by the month. When a customer cancels service, service will continue until the end of the paid for service billing period, unless the customer requests a termination date earlier than the last day of the service billing period. AireBeam does not refund partial service months when service is terminated prior to the end of the service billing period.

In the event that you are overcharged for a service or product, please contact customer service at support@airebeam.com and explain the details of the situation, including date of the overcharge and why you believe the amount charged was an overcharge. Customer service will get back to you within 2 business days with a resolution. Refunds are issued to the payment method which was used to make the charge, unless the transaction date is beyond the allowable date for electronic refunds in which case a check will be mailed to the address we have on file.

Example: You pay $49.95 per month for your service and you experience a 6 hour outage. You may request a service outage credit and your account will be credited $0.28 per four hour interval or 2 intervals in this case, totaling $0.56