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StreamVision TV delivers your local Phoenix channels.

AireBeam is proud to announce Next Gen Live Television called StreamVision! If you've "cut the cord" and become a “Streamer”,  StreamVision brings back Live TV, Sports, News and Prime Time along with Cloud DVR!

If you’re still paying exorbitant monthly fees for hundreds of channels you never watch, then join the millions of "cord cutters", dump cable or satellite TV and get StreamVision!

Bundles including Internet and phone available!

Watch Phoenix TV stations - 40 Channels of programing for just $22 or less when bundled with Internet!

Local News and Weather, Network Sports and Prime Time including NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, Soccer, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Spanish and Religious Programming all delivered by StreamVision over your Internet connection.
Cut the cord and get hundreds of free movies with Crackle. 

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Features like no other

Ala-Carte Premium Networks

Thinking of getting rid of the high costs of cable, Direct or Dish? There are dozens of free streaming services  that can help. You can also choose a la carte Premium Channels like ESPN, CNN, A&E, History, HBO Now, as well as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime are available via "a la carte" apps on the Roku! If your looking for new content, original series, foreign films or even child hood favorites, theres an increasingly large number of services to choose from. These shows are high quality and easy to use.

Cloud DVR - Personal

Best of all, StreamVision offers Cloud DVR, giving you the ability to record live TV shows, one episode or the series, for later viewing.  As a streamer, you have become accustomed to watching WHAT you want WHEN you want.  Now Cloud DVR puts you in control for just $6 per month for 100 hours of recording capacity. Addional storage is available.

Roku Streaming

The StreamVision App for Roku (2, 3, 4, Stick and the new TCL Roku TV with Roku embedded) functions as the Set Top Box. Using the local remote control, you can change channels. If you already own a Roku, you can simply download the StreamVision App.  If you don’t have a Roku, you can rent or buy one from AireBeam. Rent a Roku 2 for $9 a month (warranted as long as you are a AireBeam StreamVIsion customer, or buy a refurbished Roku 2 from AireBeam for $79.95, warranted for 1 year.

Insane tablet 
swipe remote control just for you

Not only are we bringing you the most popular entertainment at the lowest prices! Our Tablet Remote, supporting Android and Apple iOS tablets, makes it easy to find what your favorite TV shows and movies.

Using the Tablet, you can view the EPG, change channels and record your favorite shows.

Watch what you love when you want.

With 3,500+ channels in the US and counting, you’ll always find something to watch on Roku. Free and easy access to your favorite shows. Full episodes and clips from Smithsonian Channel's vast library of shows.

Watch live TV on Sling
Subscription required.
   Starting at $20/mo

The new standalone streaming service from HBO®. Subscription required.

Stream SHOWTIME® without a cable subscription. Subscription required.

Choose from a massive selection of streaming channels.

The largest selection of streaming channels combined with innovative features like cloud DVR, Local ABC, CBS, NBC, and the Roku Feed™ put choice and control back in your hands.

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With 3,500+ channels in the US and counting, you’ll always find something to watch.

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