Static Public IP Block Order

Airebeam can provide public, static IP addresses for customers requiring this capability.  Block size and Pricing options are show below.  Note that for each IP Block range, one (1) of the usable IPs goes on the network one (1) of the usable IPs goes on the Gateway and the rest are available for customer equipment.


Public Static IP addresses are useful for the following applications or problems:

  • Certain Games when you experience repetitive disconnects
  • Remotely accessing in-home or on-office IP addressed devices such as cameras or DVRs

To order a Static Public IP Block, click HERE and specify the block size:

  • /30 – $10/mth
  • /29 – $20/mth
  • /28 – $35/mth
  • /27 – $50/mth

You will receive an email from when the block is provisioned providing you with the block credentials including:

  • Block Size
  • Block Network Address
  • Block usable Addresses
  • Block Gateway Address
  • DNS1 and DNS2