Enjoy the convenience of Service in your home or workplace. Call AireBeam Broadband (520-233-7400) for an appointment to have one of our technicians or engineers provide PC, Networking repairs / installations and/or Training services. Our rates are extremely competitive, far less costly in both your time and $$ than going to Casa Grande or Phoenix to obtain service. We can arrange evening or weekend appointments as well.

PC and Network Service

On site, at home or work, service for your PC software including reloading Windows and hardware accessories, including monitors, hard drives, memory, I/O cards |View Detail…

Routers and IP Telephones

We recommend Ubiquiti Air Routers and Switches. AireBeam Broadband now offers ePhone Service. We will come to your home or office to install and configure these devices. |View Detail…

Public, Static IP Addresses

We offer Public, Static IP Addresses for a recurring monthly fee. There is a one time provisioning fee. /30 – /27 are available.|View Detail…

Free Month of Service

We grow by “word of mouth”. Our thousands of satisfied customers tell others and when others have their service installed, the referring customer gets a free month of service! Click the “button” below to access our Referral Credit form. |View Detail…

Site Host Program

If you have a home or office with a good view of the surrounding community, AireBeam Broadband may be interested in offering you our Site Host Program. In a nutshell, you permit us to install a transmitter base station at your property and we will provide you with free internet service. |
More Infomation

Training Documents

White Papers describing how to manage your computer and Training Guides to help you make the most of your High Speed Broadband Connection! |View Detail.