Enjoy the convenience of Service in your home or workplace. Call AireBeam Broadband (520-510-0909) for an appointment to have one of our technicians or engineers provide PC, Networking repairs / installations and/or Training services. Our rates are extremely competitive, far less costly in both your time and $$ than going to Casa Grande or Phoenix to obtain service. We can arrange evening or weekend appointments as well.

Public, Static IP Addresses

We offer Public, Static IP Addresses for a recurring monthly fee. There is a one time provisioning fee. /30 – /27 are available.|View Detail…

Free Month of Service

We grow by “word of mouth”. Our thousands of satisfied customers tell others and when others have their service installed, the referring customer gets a free month of service! Click the “button” below to access our Referral Credit form. |View Detail…

Site Host Program

If you have a home or office with a good view of the surrounding community, AireBeam Broadband may be interested in offering you our Site Host Program. In a nutshell, you permit us to install a transmitter base station at your property and we will provide you with free internet service. |
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