Service Outage Repair Practices

AireBeam Broadband is dedicated to providing you with the fastest, best quality, Hi Speed Internet service available. Your satisfaction is our goal and we guarantee it. In order to obtain and retain your satisfaction, we know that our service outage repair practices have to be focused on repairing outages and restoring your service quickly.

Network Monitoring and Outage Repair
AireBeam utilizes extensive 24x7x365 monitoring tools to detect outages and notify engineering personnel when an outage occurs. Additionally, our Customer Service team keeps an eye on network status and alerts Management when they see an abnormal network performance condition. 100% of our infrastructure microwave equipment is located up in the air attached to buildings, towers and other structures. We own and operate a 72′ tall, 33,000lb, dual bucket truck which our technicians use to make aerial installations and repairs. OSHA and Company safety rules mandate that we only go up in the air during daylight hours to protect our employees and equipment from inadvertent damage or injury. So, if an outage occurs during darkness, we will respond at first light. When an outage occurs during daylight hours, we deploy and arrive on site typically within four (4) hours or less, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. We stock spares for every single device type used in our network, so parts availability is never an issue. We post network outage messages HERE.

Customer Outages
AireBeam also monitors 100% of our customer equipment assets 24x7x365 and those monitors notify Engineering of customer equipment outages. Our monitors also accumulate performance measurement statistics continuously and our analysis tools enable our technicians to view the historical performance trend of each customer’s equipment and to measure speed and other parameters in real time. When a customer outage or performance issue occurs, we react as soon as we know about the problem. Many problems can be repaired without a truck roll using online resources.  If a truck roll is required and the problem is detected before 3pm, we usually repair it the same day. If later than 3pm, we still attempt to make the repair as long as there is daylight. Our technicians carry flashlights and are empowered to make their own decision about repairing customer installations after dark. We don’t dispatch technicians after dark. Our field service employees work Monday – Friday. If a customer outage occurs on Saturday or Sunday, we will attempt to find a field service tech who is able to take the service call on the weekend.

If no field service personnel are available on the weekend, the repair is scheduled for Monday. That brings us to a very important aspect of our repair practices. We always place repairing existing customer outages ahead of installing new and additional customers. If we are fully booked with installations and a customer repair incident occurs, we will delay or reschedule an installation in favor of repairing the existing customer. We know that a last minute change in an installation appointment is the last thing that a customer wants to hear, especially if they have taken time off from work or deferred other commitments. But, we hope that customers expecting an installation will understand and appreciate our practice of placing existing customer repairs ahead of installing new customers. We ask them to remember that if their equipment goes down, they too will be the beneficiaries of this practice.