Routers and IP Telephones


Routers are devices that “split” the incoming Internet connection and provide it to more than one Computer or Game Device. If all of your devices are in the same room, you might want to consider a wired router. Each of the computers or game devices can connect to the wired router by an Ethernet cable. But, if your computers or game devices are in different rooms, you should consider a wireless router. Wireless routers make their connection to each of the computers or game devices over the air, this eliminating cables.

IP Telephones

IP telephones are phones that connect to the called party using an Internet connection from your home or business which routes the voice traffic to the provider’s IP Switch that connects to the Public Switched Telephone network so that you can talk to people who have regular land lines or cellular phones.

AireBeam Broadband now offers world-classePhone Service to residential and commercial customers alike.

Once you buy your Router or ePhone Service, you will need to connect it to your AireBeam Broadband connection. Trivial as that may seem, most people aren’t trained to do so and the support personnel supplied by the manufacturers of the devices are often less helpful than customers perceive they should be. So, customers call AireBeam Broadband looking for help. Service is what AireBeam Broadband is all about, so we will provide over the phone for a competitive hourly fee, or on site service for $30 for the router and $15 for each wireless device. Our hourly rate for phone service is $85.00 and our minimum fee is 30 minutes for $42.50. Please call us to provide the service over the phone or at your premises.