Referral Credit Request

No doubt you’ve heard of “Word of Mouth” advertising.  Well, if you will be kind enough tell your neighbors and friends about AireBeam Broadband High Speed Internet and ePhone service, and they become paying subscribers, we will give you a free month of service for each referral that you bring!

How The Program Works
When someone you referred to AireBeam signs up for service, have them indicate in the NOTES section of the order form (or tell the CSR taking your order over the phone) your name and that you referred the them to AireBeam.  Alternatively, ask the person that you referred to fill out and submit the form below. We’ll verify the referral and issue you a free month of service after both you and the person you referred has paid three months of service, satisfying our 90 day minimum service requirement. Both the referring customer and the referred customer must continue service beyond the 3 month minimum for credit to be applied.

Help AireBeam grow! Tell a friend! Get a Free Month of Service

This form is to be filled out by the PERSON who was Referred!

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