Cloud-based Full Featured PBX

Cloud-based Full Featured PBX

If you have an office phone system that has ceased to meet your requirements or you are about to open an new office, then think twice about buying a new phone system!

Today's phone systems are all software devices running in one or more servers.  Gone are analog telephone sets and lines with static that go dead every time it rains.  Today's SMB phone systems are Voice Over IP, all digital phone systems.  Just as you host your web site and your business transaction processing software, so should you host your phone system with AireBeam.

AireBeam's Business Class ePhone service offers all of the business class features that you've always wanted and there's no phone system to buy.  Yes, you do have to purchase VOIP phones (unless you already own some), but they are not expensive and they are feature rich.

AireBeams Business Class ePhone service features include:

Since most every employee has a computer on his/her desk you have probably already invested in cabling your office for data, and you have a closet or a shelf somewhere in the back of the office where all of the data cables come together.

Grandstream GXP-2140

  • Unlimited Local/US and available Canada calling
  • Available International Access from 1 cent per minute and up depending upon the city, country and land-line vs. cell phone.
  • Virtual Phone Numbers in most US Cities{Formerly "FX" lines} - $4.75 per month each
  • Direct Dial (DID) extensions
  • Available Directory Listing Service
  • Call Quality Better Than Land Line
  • No Contract, 3 Month Minimum
  • No Phone Line Required
  • Best With 3mbps Connection and Faster
  • Available Multi-line business phones with LCD, speakerphone and more

What Equipment Is Required?

  • Simply VOIP Phone Sets like the one on the right.

How do I check my Voice Mail?

By default, your ePhone service is configured to send Voice Mail messages to your email address. The advantage of this option is that you can check your voice mail easily from any computer from which you can check your email. If you receive your email on your SmartPhone, you can listen to your Voice Mail from your SmartPhone.

If you wish to have your Voice Mail messages left on your ePhone, either with or without Email to Voice Mail, contact us at 520-233-7400 and request the configuration that you wish.

Can I keep my Existing Phone Number(s)

Absolutely! We only need to tranfer (port) in the numbers that you publish, usually just your main number.  Unlike old style analog phone lines from the phone company, we do not need to install a number on additional lines that are in a hunt group.

If you are a new phone customer,  we issue numbers in the city in which you have the service.

Is Call Forwarding available?

Yes. We offer several options: a) Permanent call forward to a number; b) Call forward No Answer to a number; c) call forward busy to a number; or for b and c, call forward Find Me/ Follow Me to up to five (5) numbers.

Can my business ePhone Service have Virtual numbers?

Absolutely! Virtual Phone numbers are numbers local to a market where you want your customers to be able to call you without incurring long distance charges.  ePhone service offers virtual numbers in Rate Centers in the Western half of the USA.  Call us to inquire if we have a city or cities that work for you.

Can I call countries other than the USA or Canada?

You sure can! Just subscribe to our International ePhone service and you'll have access to the lowest per minute calls to most every country on this planet!

Do I have to sign a contract to get my new AireBeam Broadband ePhone service?

No! Contracts are NOT required, but, as with your Broadband service, you agree to keep your AireBeam Broadband ePhone service for at least three (3) months.