POE Reboot

Here in Arizona, we have relatively unstable electric utility power. Frequently, the utility power voltage will climb or fall briefly and that can cause the electrical components in devices like our antenna power supply to malfunction. The solution is really quite easy and here are the instructions for you to reset the power supply yourself!

  1. Locate the power supply for AireBeam’s antenna. It looks like the image below.

2. Unplug the electric cord of the power supply from the electric outlet. See the image below.

3. Remove the black data cable from the jack labeled POE
4. Push the black cable back into the jack labeled POE until you feel it click.
5. Plug the power supply’s electric cord back into the electric outlet.
6. Wait 2 minutes and try your internet.
7. If the Internet does not come back on, use your smart phone and open a browser and go to AireBeam.com and click on the blue balloon at the lower right and corner and start a chat with our technicians from 8am-8pm daily. Our techs will figure out the next steps necessary to get you back online!
8. Then remove the power from your wireless router if you have one. Wait 5 seconds and plug the power back into your wireless router. It is NOT necessary to remove any of the data cables. Just the small black power cord.Finally, reconnect your wireless devices and reboot your computers.
9. Finally, reconnect your wireless devices and reboot your computers.