Credit Card Processing
Payment Media Accepted:

In an effort to keep our costs down and our service prices from rising, AireBeam prefers to receive electronic payments in the form of Electronic Checks or Credit / Debit Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.  Cards are a safer form of payment for consumers than checks because the issuing bank offers fraud protection to its customers. No such protection is afforded using checks.  Using cards also assures you that your payment is processed immediately and accurately. If you have a checking account, most banks and credit unions issue debit cards at no cost to the account holder. If you do not have a bank account, reloadable VISA pay cards are available at WalMart and CVS and Fry’s, just to name a few places.  We also accept cash at our office, either in person or via our secure drop box or money orders sent by US Mail to our Post Office Box.  Customers paying with cash or money orders will be asked to post a one month deposit.

Each month clients receive the following email billing docs from AireBeam:

  • 3-days in advance “Heads UP” courtesy notice
  • Paid Invoice
  • Payment Receipt
  • Statement of account

To make a payment online or to update your card information in your AireBeam account at our customer portal, point your browser at  Login using your email address as your username and your phone number (without punctuation e.g. 5204831234) as your password (unless you have previously changed your password).

Once into your account,

Step 1: Make sure that the card on file is the correct one:

  • Then click on Select Manual or Automatic Payment Options
  • Enter new Card Data using the form displayed below. Make sure that the Card Number, Expiration Month and Year are correct for the card that you want to use and then apply.  That places your card on file but does not make a payment.


Step 2: To Make the Payment

  • Click on MAKE PAYMENT, reenter your card information and complete the payment transaction. The information will be reflected in your account immediately and you will receive confirmations via email.

To assure your privacy and security, these payment options are protected by a Secure SSL Certificate assuring 128 bit encryption!