Onsite Support

On Site of In Office Support

OK. Sometimes, telephone based technical support just doesn’t get the job done.  A part must be replaced or the Tech simply needs to have “hands-on”. Here’s how we can help..As long as you are physically able, just call our office (520-510-0909) and make an appointment to bring your PC to us in Arizona City and we’ll check it out.  If you are physically unable to lift or transport the PC, call our office and let us know and we will be glad to schedule an onsite visit by one of our trained PC techs.

Terms: Here are the terms of our house call program.  They are designed to help us help you and keep the process under control for both of us.  When you’re computer is broken, it can be broken for many possible reasons:

  • Hardware. Hardware consists of your computer’s Motherboard, RAM memory, I/O cards, Disk Drives or Power Supply.  Sometimes, hardware doesn’t just become broken and inoperative. It can work for a few minutes, fail for a few minutes and repeat this fail / work scenario for days, weeks or months.
  • Software. Let’s face it.  You can buy or download software as fast and as often as you want.  Each piece of software is developed by a different individual or organization.  Rarely do they talk to each other or test their software against the thousands of other products that may coexist in your computer.  Consequently, many times, installing a particular piece of software can render some or many other software items on your computer inoperative.  Of particular notice are FIREWALL and AntiVirus Software products.  Products like Norton, McAfee, Zone Alarm and many others.
  • Methodology.  If your problem is software that does not run, the very best counsel that we can offer you is to let us try to fix it. If we can’t, then remove it. If that doesn’t work and you are running an OS with a “restore point”, restore to a prior working level.  And if that doesn’t fix it, reinstall your OS with a clean install.

When you request our On-Site Support, we will come to your location and assess your situation for a flat fee of $85.00 (residential), $105.00 (commercial) for the first one (1) hour.  During that hour, we will study your problem and attempt to fix it if it can be fixed as quickly as 1 hour.

If we cannot fix your problem in the first hour, we will then seek your permission to continue for up to the next two (2) hours at our respective hourly rate.  If we cannot fix the problem in this amount of time, we may recommend a Windows Reload,  applying all of the currently recommended Windows Updates.

If you opt for the windows Reload, we will transport your PC to our office to perform the work and return the PC to you when completed.  We will do our best to back up your data, but we cannot guarantee against data loss. If you wish to back up your PC before we transport it, you may opt for that decision in which case we will depart and return when you call us to advise that the backup is completed.

Payment: A credit card must be provided at the time that you engage our onsite support service.  By asking us to send a technician on site, you agree to pay us up to $255.00 (residential) or $315 (Commercial) for the three hours that we have described above.  If you opt for a windows reload, you agree to pay us $150 plus the amount for the time we were at your site working on your PC.  We, in turn, will do everything within our technical capability to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Summary: We know that paying for consulting engineering services on an hourly basis is expensive both for you and for us.  We give you our solemn promise that we will work as quickly and as efficiently as possible to get you up and running with the least amount of billable hourly time as possible.