Improving WiFi reception in an RV

f you own an RV, no doubt you know that it has an external TV antenna, and some have external Radio antennas as well. If you’ve added satellite TV, you might have even added a roof mount Satellite TV antenna.

Trying to get and maintain a WiFi connection in an RV without an external antenna is really a challenge so, this document describes a solution that will greatly improve your reception.


The objective is to install an exterior mounted WiFi antenna reception and transmission system that can obtain DIRECT UNBLOCKED CLEAR LINE OF SIGHT between the antenna and the WiFi access Point nearest your rig.

Understand these laws of high frequency Radio:

  1. WiFi signals are blocked by metal, foil, concrete, sheet rock
  2. WiFi requires a clear line of sight between the WiFi access Point owned by the service provider and your antenna transceiver

So, the best way to get clear line of sight OVER THE TOP of adjacent rigs is to use the rear ladder of the RV as a mounting base.

  1. Buy a telescopic pole that collapse to 6’ so you can stow it when you are under way. They come 6-24’ on amazon and elsewhere.
  2. Buy six 2.5” or 3” diameter radiator style hose clamps to clamp the pole to your ladder
  3. Then buy a kit from SimpleWiFi a.

b. Consisting of Panel Antenna, microwave and cables

4. Attach the WiFi equipment to the telescopic pole
5. Extend the pole to a length of at least 12 feet
6. Attach the first 6 feet to the side pipe of the ladder on the rear of your RV and have it

Stick up at least 6’ or more over the top of your rig and those adjacent to you and aim the flat panel at the provider’s nearest WiFi Access Point

Then follow the setup instruction provided by SimpleWiFi to configure the radio to talk to the provider’s WiFi and connect the cables to your router. Then connect to your router and you should be good to go.