Fiber Acknowledgement Form

  • I confirm that I am the Ownerof the property at the above address. I acknowledge the referenced order for Fiber Optic Broadband and understand that AireBeam will install Fiber Optic Broadband services to and into the home or office at the address above. Installation will include :

    1) I understand that Utility Locators responding to 811 MUST ENTER THE PROPERTY to paint lines on the ground marking their utilities. I agree to keep fences unlocked and the area free of pets until the Locators complete their marks and AireBeam completes the installation of the fiber.
    2) I further understand that 811 WILL NOT MARK any underground sprinkler lines or any other underground facilities installed by current or previous occupants. Therefore, I accept full responsibility for showing AireBeam’s installation team where any private underground facilities known by me are located so that AireBeam can mark them and avoid them. I understand that if AireBeam damages any unmarked private facilities, that I will be responsible for their repair.
    3) Trenching will occur from the rear lot line to home/office along a route mutually agreed to. Stone will be moved prior and returned after. Grass will not be replaced.
    4) The fiber route needs to be a straight line with wide sweeping 90 degree turns. Shrubbery, trees and plants must be avoided or permanently moved by the homeowner prior to installation.
    5) If the agreed to route is under pavers or landscaping stones of any kind, I understand that it is my responsibility to have the stones removed for a width of 10 inches either side of a line agreed to with AireBeam. AireBeam will install a string between two stakes that crosses the referenced material which must be removed. I further understand that it is my responsibility to replace the stones removed.
    6) A plastic enclosure 10”x9” will be attached to the side of the building. A conduit will emerge from the ground and run into the base of the enclosure.
    7) The fiber optic cable will be installed inside the enclosure.
    8) Corning Clear Track (1/4” wide) will be installed along the top edge of the baseboard where it meets the wall from a hole through the wall behind the enclosure through which the clear glass fiber will run, held securely by the ClearTrack to the location where the principal wireless router shall be placed. I understand that the clear track and imbedded fiber can be painted after it is installed.
    9) A 3” x 5” enclosure will be installed on the wall behind the table where the router is to be placed and the ClearTrack fiber will terminate in the enclosure. A short 2M fiber jumper will connect from the box to the Optical Network Unit (ONU), a small device about 3” in diameter which will in turn connect to a wireless router.
    10) I further understand that all the AireBeam provided equipment on or in the house remains AireBeam Property and must be returned (excluding the ClearTrack) if the service is terminated. Failure to return the equipment will result in a charge to the customer’s account and if not paid, collection activity may be pursued.