Now you can bundle UNLIMITED Local, US and Canadian world class ePhone service with your AireBeam Broadband Broadband Internet Access connection for a super economical flat monthly rate. You will enjoy superb call quality, familiar phone devices, portability (you can take it with you). We have included the features that everyone wants: voice mail to email, CallerID and three-way calling, unlimited Directory Assistance and E911 service {Click HERE to Read about E911).

AireBeam Broadband’s ePhone Service works together with our Broadband Internet connection or any other high quality broadband internet connection, to provide you with super call quality at a great price! After you place your order our ePhone service, we will ship or deliver to you a tiny ephone adapter {Click HERE to see a photo}, preconfigured so that you can just “plug and play”.

When the ePhone adapter arrives, you simply connect it to your Internet connection and then connect a standard landline phone {Click HERE for details about selecting your landline phone}, as well as your computer or router and you’ll be calling all of your friends and family in just minutes and surfing the net!


Unlimited Local/US/Canada Phone:
Residential –
Local & US – $20/mth
Local, US & Canada – $23/mth
Available International Access
Just pennies/minute (Click here to see International Rates)
Home Fax Custom Ring Feature – $4.50/mth
DID extensions for Employee Direct Access, Unlimited Local/US LD – $40/mth
PBX trunks with 1000 minutes of lower 48 LD – $40/mth
Extra blocks of 1000 minutes of LD available for $20/mth per 1000 minute block
Fax lines with unlimited US LD – $25
Virtual Phone Numbers {Formerly “FX” lines} – $4.75 per month each
Low International rates by the minute

ePhone requires your broadband or Wi-Fi connection
Includes Voice Mail, CallerID, E911, Information Service
Includes Casa Grande Phone Number
Available Directory Listing Service
Call Quality Better Than Land Line
No Contract, 3 Month Minimum
No Phone Line Required
Best With 2mbps Connection and Faster
Available 6730i ePhone with display, speakerphone and more features
Available Business Class ePhones for home/office use – Click Here
Available ePhone Adapter for $29.95+shipping permits use of corded or cordless phone
Softphone available FREE for Wi-Fi customers and Laptop users
Supports the following USB devices
GN Jabra 8120, 9330, 9350
GN Jabra Dial 520
GN Jabra Link 280, 350 OC
GN Jabra Pro 9470
Plantronics Voyager 510 USB with BUA-100 Dongle
Plantronics Savi Office
Plantronics DSP
Plantronics DA45 Adapter
Plantronics CS50 / CS60
Wiinter Visitor Options:
Take to summer home and continue to use it..or
Put on Summer Break with your Internet Service
Port (Transfer) your summer home number to the ePhone and receive calls to your home
number anywhere the AireBeam Broadband ePhone is plugged in to a quality broadband connection!
(Available for Western US Numbers from an imaginary line connecting Dallas to Minneapolis and
major points West).

Available International Calling Family Plan
Send second account with Casa Grande phone number to family in distant country
Engage in UNLIMITED local calling between the Family

Available Multi-National International Calling Dial Plan
Call any city in any country!
Just pennies/minute (See Rate Plan)!

What Equipment Is Required?

Use a regular corded or cordless telephone plugged into our available ePhone adapter for just $29.95
Use FREE Softphone downloaded to your computer. Computer must have microphone and speakers.
Use an available SIP ePhone – for business or home office customers who want sophisticated phone instrument features’
Bring your own Residential Phone Adapter – must support SIP trunks and you must know how to program the adapter

How do I check my Voice Mail?

By default, your ePhone service is configured to send Voice Mail messages to your email address. The advantage of this option is that you can check your voice mail easily from any computer from which you can check your email. If you receive your email on your SmartPhone, you can listen to your Voice Mail from your phone.

If you wish to have your Voice Mail messages left on your ePhone, either with or without Email to Voice Mail, contact us (520-233-7400 or support@AireBeam.com) and request the configuration that you wish.

Click HERE to download instructions on how to manipulate your ePhone Voice Mail from your phone or another.

What ePhone Number will I have?

Your default ePhone number will be a Casa Grande, AZ phone number. Numbers are also available for most cities west if the imaginary line from Minneapolis to Dallas. It comes with an unlimited local calling area. For a small fee of $12, you can ask us to “PORT” {which means TRANSFER} another phone number that you already have assigned to one of your landline phones elsewhere, to this phone..The down side is that you may forfeit your free extended local dialing area if the number that you are porting in is from a locale other than Casa Grande, AZ. One further note: Wavevision Numbers are not able to be ported so former Wavevision customers will receive a new number.

Is Call Forwarding available?

Yes. We offer several options: a) Permanent call forward to a number; b) Call forward No Answer to a number; c) call forward busy to a number; or for b and c, call forward Find Me/ Follow Me to up to five (5) numbers.

Can my business ePhone Service have Virtual numbers?

Absolutely! Virtual Phone numbers are numbers local to a market where you want your customers to be able to call you without incurring long distance charges. ePhone service offers virtual numbers in Rate Centers in the Western half of the USA. Call us to inquire if we have a city or cities that work for you.

What’s the significance of “porting” my existing home number to my AireBeam Broadband ePhone?..

Suppose you are a “snowbird” from Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, Iowa or elsewhere….Let’s also assume that you already have {or can obtain} a quality broadband connection “back home”…By transferring your existing “landline” phone number to your AireBeam Broadband phone, all of your friends and family “back home” can call you during your stay in Arizona as if they were calling you “back home”..And when you head back home, you can take your AireBeam Broadband phone with you, plug it into your broadband connection “back home” and it’s like you never left!! Remember if you elect this option, your E911 service points to the last address you gave us. So, remember to tell us to update your E911 address before you move!

I’m from Canada. Should I / Can I port my Canadian number?

International regulations prevent us from porting your Canadian number to the US. But, all is not lost! When you initiate a call from your Casa Grande, AZ phone numbered ePhone, even when you take your AireBeam Broadband ePhone back home with you to Canada and you connect it to your home broadband connection, you have unlimited Local, US and Canadian calling! All for the same low monthly price!!

Can I call countries other than the USA or Canada?

You sure can! Just subscribe to our International ePhone service and you’ll have access to the lowest per minute calls to most every country on this planet!

How will my ePhone Service be Delivered?
You may pick up your ePhone ATA and optional AT&T Slimline TR1909 phone at our office in Arizona City or we can ship the devices to you via USPS Priority Flat Rate mail priced as follows:

ATA only – $6.95 shipping
ATA and AT&T Slimline TR1909 – $11.95 Shipping

I have family in another country. Can I get unlimited ePhone calling to my family?

Absolutely! Just purchase a second AireBeam Broadband ePhone service account for your family and take or ship the ATA and telephone to your family. They can then connect the ATA to their “high quality” broadband connection and you can both make unlimited local calls to each other.

What are the taxes and fees that I can expect on my bill?

Like all other phone services, government regulations require us to charge certain taxes and fees for ePhone service. Here is a clear and simple breakdown of those taxes and fees shown with the basic Local/US calling plan rate:

US Canada
Basic ePhone Service $20.00 $23.00
E-911 Emergency Service Fee $1.90 $1.90
Regulatory, Compliance and IP Fee $1.19 $1.19
Information {411} Fee $1.23 $1.23
Universal Service Fund $1.20 $1.38
================================================================== ====== ======
Total AireBeam Broadband US / Canda Plan ePhone Service $25.52 $28.70

Can I put my AireBeam Broadband ePhone service on Summer Break along with my Broadband connection?

Absolutely! The summer break fee for phone and Internet is just $40. That covers the disconnect and reconnect of both your Broadband and your ePhone…

Do I have to sign a contract to get my new AireBeam Broadband ePhone service?

No! Contracts are NOT required, but, as with your Broadband service, you agree to keep your AireBeam Broadband ePhone service for at least three (3) months.