Dual Band Routers – Not on AireBeam’s Network

Routers – Dual Band Prohibited

Dual Band routers broadcast on two frequencies, 2.5 GHz and 5 Ghz. AireBeam’s network uses the 5GHz spectrum.  When you operate a dual band router on the 5 Ghz frequency, you will create Radio Frequency Interference which will impair the quality of the signal that AireBeam broadcasts to your home and also those of your neighbors.

Using the 5 GHz frequency will NOT improve your wireless device’s performance. It will, in fact, degrade it.  So, AireBeam’s policy is to prohibit customer use of 5 GHz wireless equipment.  We cannot enforce this policy without the willing cooperation of our customers.  So, we respectfully solicit your support and compliance with this policy.

If you have a working, configured 5 GHz wireless router, we would like to offer you two solutions:

  1. If it was purchased recently, please return it to the place of purchase and buy a 2.4Ghz router.
  2. Alternatively, AireBeam will come to your home and we will trade you one of our 2.4 GHz wireless routers (brand new out of the box) for your 5 GHz wireless router at no cost and we’ll configure the 2.4 GHz wireless router for you for free!