Card Payment Enrollment

In an effort to keep our costs down and our service prices from rising, AireBeam now offers you two options for electronic payments of your AireBeam bills:

  • Automatic withdrawal (EFT) from your checking account¬†– Free to customers
  • Credit / Debit Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express – 3.3%¬†transaction fee per transaction

Using automatic bank withdrawal is simple and convenient.¬† It is the same system used by most electric utilities and the way most people pay their credit card bills.¬† The payment is¬†deducted from your bank account on the appointed day at 6:00am. ¬†The cost of this method of payment is born by AireBeam so that the payment transaction is FREE to you. ¬†You will receive a 3-day in advance “heads up” notice by email to remind you that the monthly payment will occur.

If you prefer to pay by credit/debit card, there is a transaction fee of 3.3% effective August 1, 2015.

AireBeam also accepts cash at our office, either in person or via our secure drop box. Customers paying with cash will be asked to post a one month deposit. Each month, customers receive the following email billing docs from AireBeam:

  • 3-days in advance “Heads UP” courtesy notice
  • Paid Invoice
  • Payment Receipt
  • Statement of account

To enroll in Automatic Bank account withdrawal (EFT), please complete the form below and click SUBMIT when the form is completed.

To enroll in credit/debit card payment or update your card, click HERE.

You will receive a confirmation from AireBeam when we have finished setting up your account.

Bank Check


    I authorize eCheck Autopay to pay my AireBeam bills.