Copy of Support

AireBeam provides Free Technical and Customer Support.  We have divided Support into two categories:

  •  Direct Support – Communicate DIRECTLY with AireBeam Support Technician Employees using two methods:
    • AireBeam’s new Customer Service Portal Click Here
    • AireBeam’s new Automated Customer Service Attendant – 520-233-7400
  • AireBeam’s 24x7x365 Call Center

Direct Support
We understand that going through a support center to open up a Trouble Ticket which is then sent to our Support Employees provides slower and less satisfying support than if our customers could engage DIRECTLY with our support technicians.  We also know that waiting on hold for a support technician to answer the phone so that you can report your problem is a monumental waste of your time.  So AireBeam has developed our Customer Service Portal and our new Customer Service Automated Attendant to “cut out the middleman and end Hold Time”!

The Portal provides:

  1. Immediate real time view of your connection stats and speed test
  2. Ability to create tickets (using a PC or smart phone/tablet) specific to your issue which are sent directly to our Techs
  3. Continuing view of ticket status and ability to interact with our Tech by ticket

The Telephone Auto Attendant provides:

For customers who cannot access the Online Portal, we have developed our Telephone Customer Service Auto Attendant which can

  1. Perform a real time connection / speed test
  2. Open and submit a ticket including capturing your voice description of why you are calling so that the technician can listen to your report directly.
  3. The ability to be connected with the Call Center

Development of our Web Portal continues and our goal is to provide real time automated solutions to many of the topics which are being handled by ticket now. As new automation features are completed, they will be rolled onto the portal.

How to Access the Web and Phone Portals

You were recently mailed your AireBeam Account Number and your web portal password.  Your web portal password is (initially) usually telephone number that you gave us when you created your account.  You will be able to change this password or reset the password in case you have forgotten it.

If you call the Phone Portal, we will attempt to identify you by your phone number and / or by asking you for your address and other information that will identify you.

Recommendations and Expectations!

We urge you to use either the Web or the Phone portal.  We guarantee that if you do, your reason for calling will be handled faster and more efficiently than if you simply call through to the Call Center, not because the Center is deficient, but, because, our web portal is:

  • Simple and friendly to use
  • Will take you less time than calling the Call Center
  • Will provide you with up to the minute status on your open tickets
  • Will provide you with a real time look at your connection 
  • Our employees, management and owners are online from about 7am until about 10pm daily including weekends.  Our Call Center is available 24x7x365

  • When you speak with a support rep at our Call Center, the rep is going to ask you to walk through some trouble shooting steps.  We must execute these steps, with your willing cooperation, before we can consider rolling a truck.  We understand that being faced with either an outage or slow service or some inside the house problem is frustrating for you, and our only goal is to identify the problem accurately, so that we can resolve it as fast as possible.

Text Messaging Notification

We really do know that your time is valuable!  Our Scheduling and Dispatching system now uses SMS Text Messaging to notify you when appointments have been scheduled or changed and when our Installer is enroute to your home or business.  So, please make sure that if you want to receive text message notifications from AireBeam that we have your correct mobile number on file.


AireBeam emails you surveys after our installer completes work at your location and will soon do the same after a support incident.  Our owners read every survey!  We have designed our survey to require only Yes or No answers to make it fast and easy to complete.  If you provide your contact phone number and/or email address, our owners will contact you if necessary or requested.