Configure Power Supply

Sometimes, pets, children or vacuum cleaners bump the AireBeam power supply and our cables inadvertently become disconnected from the power supply. If those cables are not plugged into the correct ports of the power supply, no electricity is carried to our Transceiver on your building and your Internet service will not work.

Follow these instructions to verify that your cables are indeed correctly plugged into the correct port and are making contact.

  1. Locate the power supply which looks like the photo below. Locate the jack labeled POE.
  2. Unplug the electric power cord that feeds the supply from the electrical outlet.
  3. Unplug the BLACK Ethernet cable with the chrome jacketed plug and then plug it back into the port labeled POE until you feel it click. (if it was in the jack labeled LAN, that was not correct and the reason why your Internet service was not working).
  4. Unplug the gray cable and then plug it into the jack labeled LAN. The other end should be plugged either into your PC’s Ethernet port or your router’s WAN or Internet Port (the one that stands apart from the other group of 4 or 5 ports).
  5. Now plug the electric power cord back into a known working electrical outlet. Observe that the LED lights on the Power Supply.

If the LED does not light, or DIMs or FLASHES, then there may be a defect in the cable or Antenna Transceiver or the Power Supply itself. Unplug the electrical power cord from the electrical outlet and notify AireBeam (Click Here for Contact Data) that you completed the POE Configuration process and believe that your Antenna Circuit is defective.