Competitive Offer – Switching from a Competitor

We understand that most of our competitors “hand-cuff” their customers with contracts and that often, when you want to switch, you still have a contract balance left on your account and their is a “premature cancellation penalty” or “termination Penalty” that you may be liable for if you break the contract early. AireBeam has no contracts. We do ask all customers to keep their service at least 90 days before canceling but that is a verbal agreement and we trust you on the honor system.

But, we really want you as our customer, so, we’ll make you the following offer:

Terminate your contract with your competitor and scan and email or fax the document that states clearly how much you paid in termination penalties. If you agree to keep our service for 12 months we’ll refund up to three months of the termination penalty (but not more than $50 per month) as a credit to your account for months 13-15. If you agree to keep our service for 24 months, we’ll refund up to 6 months of the termination penalty (but not more than $50 per month). You will be asked to sign a written agreement to document that you will keep our service for the agreed to time. Our agreement will provide you with an out (no penalty) after 50% of the agreement term:

  1. if our service delivered to you is substandard in any way, using our standards and determined solely by us. We know that sounds like a judgement that could never happen, but, please trust us, we are honest and if we can’t perform for any reason, that will be one of your “outs”.
  2. if you have to move to a service area where AireBeam does not offer service and
  3. if you lose your job or cannot pay for documented demonstrable health or family reasons

If you think that this is a square deal and you want to sign up, click HERE! and we’ll look forward to welcoming you as an AireBeam customer.