SMTP (Email) Relay for Guests and Winter Vistors

We frequently receive requests from our winter visitors to provide SMTP relay because the company that hosts the Guest’s email refuses to let you send to their servers if you are not accessing them via the direct cable connection in your home elsewhere.  This is typical of Telephone company DSL and Cable TV service providers. The reason that they prohibit sending when you are not directly connected is that they are complying with Internet Service Provider standards to reduce the chance of a SPAMMER sending spam through their servers.

Similarly, AireBeam Broadband, in compliance with ISP Standards, does not offer SMTP relay for email users whose account(s) is/are not on our servers.  We realize that this sounds like a “Catch 22”. So, here’s the solution:

  1. Contact your email provider and ask how to access your email via Internet Explorer through their “Web Client”.
  2. Step into the 21st Century and dump your POP3 email service and move your account to AireBeam Broadband, Gmail, Yahoo or Hot Mail (MSN).  All of these email services use the Web Client and can be accessed from any PC on any Internet connection anywhere in the world.

If you are a winter subscriber to AireBeam Broadband’s email, you can continue to use it all year long, even when your account is on Summer Break. No Extra Charge.

If you want to open an email account with AireBeam Broadband, call our office at 520-510-0909 or email us at and tell us the email address you would like and the password you want to use and we’ll set it up for you.