All About Routers

Routers – Wired and Wireless

So! You’re contemplating ordering High Speed Internet or you have High Speed Internet linked to a single computer. Either way, you’re considering connecting one or more additional computers, gaming devices, your smartphone or your tablet and you’re wondering how to make all of the devices share the High Speed Internet connection….Well, here are the answers to these questions!


This document will provide basic education about the function of a router, the differences between a wired and a wireless router, the approximate cost of these devices and our opinion about the Brand(s) to buy.

What is a residential router?

A residential router is device which permits multiple devices in the residence to share a single high speed Internet connection. It permits the multiple devices in the residence to live on a residential network, share data and printers on that network and to pass traffic to the Internet over a single Internet connection.

There are two basic types of residential broadband router:

  • A wired router that connects multiple devices together and to the Internet via Ethernet cables.
  • A wireless router that does everything a wired router does plus connect wireless devices together with the wired devices and to the Internet.

Wireless Router Types:

The most current wireless router type is call 802.11N, a code issued by an International standards organization.  Within 802.11N routers are a subclass called Dual Band Routers.  The two “Bands” are 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz.

Unless you have a specific reason to invest in a Dual Band Router, we strongly suggest that you do not do so.  Invest instead in a 2.4Ghz Wireless 802.11N router. The reason is that AireBeam’s Internet connections are delivered using 5Ghz radios and the odds are high that if you buy a Dual Band Router, your router will interfere with our connection delivery and you will not be satisfied with the connection.

Router Brands and Prices

There are many router brands and models.  After years of testing a variety of brands like Netgear, Cisco (Linksys), Dlink and Belkin, we sincerely favor the router manufactured by our Internet network radios, Ubiquiti Air Router and Air Gateway.  Both are fairly priced, backed by a 12 month warranty (administered for you by AireBeam) and our installers stock this router in their trucks and can deliver it to you and program it so that all of your devices can connect to it.

In-Home Network

Once the router and all of the computers are installed, you have built an in-home network. Periodically, you may encounter a situation where one or more devices cannot connect to the Internet. It is important to remember that in a network, “any link in the chain” can be causing the problem:

a) The internet connection supplied by AireBeam
b) The router to which the Internet is connected
c) The link between your device and the router.

So, to isolate the problem and restore your service, try these helpful hints:

a) Remove the power from the Internet service.  Wait 5 seconds and then plug it back in
b) Remove the power from the router. Wait 5 seconds and then plug it back in
c) Finally, reboot your devices.

If that does not restore service, then contact AireBeam Technical Support available at 520-510-0909.