About AireBeam’s Customer Service Portal

AireBeam is a family owned company. We pride ourselves for being focused on our customer service quality. Our foremost customer service goal is and has always been to provide the most responsive customer service possible. As companies grow, inevitably, they look to third party call centers to handle telephone customer service call volume. Last year, we performed an evaluation of customer service response times as well as the number of people who had to handle a service request before service was completed. We found that many of the service requests could be handled by sophisticated automation immediately upon receiving the request from our valued customers. So, we began development of the Customer Service Portal and automation tools for our Customer Service Telephone system.

The Customer Service Portal is designed to enable customers to:

  • View the status of their connection, including speed
  • Create service requests (tickets)
  • View the status of the requests
  • Interact directly via messaging with our technicians

Our goal is to provide discrete ticket categories for each possible service request.  Service requests are then prioritized by the inherent priority of the request type, speed and outage notices receiving the highest priority. Our employee technicians are the ones who handle these requests. Management and owners can view the requests and provide continuing oversight, all aimed at delivering the best service possible.

Our phone system now has some automated features as well.  These features:

  • Identify the customer
  • Run a connection quality and speed test if the call is connection related
  • Generate a support ticket immediately when required
  • Eliminate waiting on hold to talk to a Call Center Representative
  • Enable the customer to talk to a Call Center Representative when the customer feels that doing so is preferable to using the automation.

We built these tools to shorten the customer service process by not sending calls to the call center when they can be handled more quickly by a ticket generated locally.  The Call Center is capable of handling some administrative issues on the spot. But other administrative and almost all technical matters cannot be handled at the Call Center and thus result in ticket generation. The tickets are then handled by our employees who have the skills and authority to resolve the matters quickly.  The telephone system automation can perform connection quality and speed tests while the customer is on the phone and provide immediate feedback as well as immediate ticket generation when required.

Please know that none of these automation methods are designed to prevent the customer from getting help from a human.  On the contrary, the systems are designed to get the human to the customer faster.

And as always, our web site, under “Communicate”, provides a web form for customers to “email Greg”, one of the members of the family that owns AireBeam. Please feel free to offer constructive suggestions that will help us improve both the Web Portal and the Phone System.