Residential Broadband and WiFi

Residential Broadband and WiFi

Welcome to AireBeam Broadband, Southern Arizona's Fastest Internet Service provider, offering you Screamin' Fast Internet and Free 24x7x365 telephone technical support wherever you need an Internet connection!

AireBeam Broadband services are available throughout Pinal and Maricopa Counties. AireBeam's services include:

AireBeam services come with:

  • Free Installation
  • No Contracts (90 day minimum service period)
  • One time Activation Fee of $25 for Internet
  • Service Outage Response  - usually same day. Click HERE for details.
  • Our 100% satisfaction Service warranty - Click HERE for details.

Regardless of the download speed that you choose, your upload speed will be up to 50% of the download speed.

Ultra Fast Internet
AireBeam Broadband's Internet service is delivered to your residence to a small antenna/transceiver (pictured above) installed by our professional installers. Upon receipt of your order, a member of our scheduling team will email and/or call you to confirm your installation time and date within an AM or PM window.

At the appointed time, one of our Installers will arrive at your home or office in one of our easily recognized service vehicles.  After consulting with you about the desired location inside your home, the Installer will determine the optimum location on your home or office to mount the antenna transceiver (pictured above), thus assuring you of the best quality signal reception.  The antenna is mounted to either your roof, plumbing stack or the fascia board along the edge of your roof. AireBeam TransceiverIn either case, if the Installer drills holes that penetrate your roof to mount the antenna, the holes are fully waterproofed to prevent leaks. He then runs a black exterior grade CAT5 cable as inconspicuously as practically possible to the outside wall of the room in which you want the service delivered. He drills a 3/8" hole through the wall through which he passes the cable. The outside is sealed with white caulk and the inside is finished with a bushing. The cable is then routed to the nearest electrical outlet and our power supply (pictured above) is plugged in and the black cable is plugged into the POE jack. We provide a 6' gray interior grade cord or may ask our installer to make you a slightly longer cord at no additional cost.

Note: AireBeam installers are not permitted to fish cables through the attic or down inside walls or through crawl spaces under buildings, because of health and safety concerns for our installers. If you want our cable to be installed in a manner other than the standard method described above, AireBeam will provide the cable to you in advance of your installation and you may contract with someone else to pull/fish the cable. If you elect this option, inform the customer service person with whom you place your order that you want the advanced cable option.  AireBeam will send a technician to measure and deliver the amount of cable you need.  AireBeam will charge your account $35 as a deposit.  If you complete the cable installation and we install our service, we will credit the deposit to your activation and first month service.  If, for some reason, you do not complete the installation and accept our service, the cable deposit is not refundable.)

To Order Broadband, Click HERE

In-Home WiFi Service
AireBeam offers in home WiFi service. Our Internet service is delivered to you on a CAT5 cable that can plug into a device equipped with an Ethernet Jack. Many families now have one or more hand held wireless devices that connect to a WiFi Hotspot. A WiFi environment is created by attaching either an Air Gateway (provides wireless only connections) or an Air Router (provides wireless and wired connections) to our incoming service cable, thus creating a WiFi Hotspot within your home. You may purchase one of these wireless routers at our office, take it home and program it and your devices yourself, or you may have one of our Installers deliver the equipment and program it (and optionally your devices) for you. Internet

Air Gateway Purchase/Pickup/Shipping options

  • Purchase Online or at Office and Pick up at Office - $39.95, Tax included
  • Purchase Online and Ship UPS Ground - $49.95, Tax and Shipping included
  • Purchase Online, Delivered and Configured - $79.95, Tax, Delivery, Router Configuration included.

Note: Each Wireless Device configuration is $15 each, billed separately after the installation is completed.

Air Router Purchase/Pickup/Shipping optionsInternet

  • Purchase Online or at Office and Pick up at Office - $59.95, Tax included
  • Purchase Online and Ship UPS Ground - $69.95, Tax and Shipping included.
  • Purchase Online, Delivered and Configured - $99.95, Tax, Delivery, Router Configuration included.

Note: Each Wireless Device configuration is $15 each, billed separately after the installation is completed.

Which Room/Routers
Choosing the room into which you want the service installed is up to you; however, please remember, AireBeam installers do not fish cables through the attic or down inside walls (because of  health and safety concerns for our installers).  So choose a room where you use your computers so long as that room has an outside wall near the computers.  If you have one or more wirelessly equipped devices, you should choose a room centrally located in your home in which we will install the service.  Then you should purchase a wireless router to be installed in that centrally located room.  The more central the location, the more likely it is that you will have a strong wireless signal throughout your home.

Summer Break
Many of AireBeam's customers reside elsewhere during the summer and come to Arizona for the fall and winter months to enjoy our comfortable winter climate. They depart in the Spring to enjoy the comfortable climate of their residences elsewhere.  Our northern visitors can email or call us to put their service(s) on "Summer Break" for $25 per season for broadband. Summer Break deactivates the service, suspends monthly billing and then reactivates the service in the fall when the customer emails us with the date of their return. The minimum paid service months for customers on the "Summer Break" program is three (3) paid months per 12 month period. For more information about the Summer Bream Program, Click HERE or ask our customer service representative about our Summer Break policy when you call.

Payment and Terms
AireBeam's Installation is FREE, there are NO TERM CONTRACTS.  AireBeam does require that you keep the service for a minimum of 90 days. AireBeam charges a one time activation fee of $25.

Payment is by debit or credit card autopay monthly on the "monthiversary" of the date of your installation. Payment is due consecutively for each month that service is installed. AireBeam does not offer partial service month billing. Customers wishing to pay manually must post a one month deposit at the time such election is made.

Usage Terms
AireBeam Broadband Services are provided to you for use all month without limitations on the quantity of bandwidth consumed.  We do, however, have one very important usage condition: We do not permit the usage of what is known as Multiple Stream Downloading Software.  Common names are Torrent, Bittorrent, uTorrent, Kazaa, and many others.  Here's why: These download protocols are designed to open up as many independent download streams as your computer can support, then download a portion of the file that you are downloading using each stream.  Although this seems a good idea at first read,  the consequence of this multiple stream download is that your computer will overload our network equipment and virtually exclude all other customers on your neighborhood node from receiving normal service.  Worst of all,  you may never know these download protocols are being used until we block your account and attempt to call or email you. There are, however, some clues:

  • Are you downloading copyrighted material without paying for it?
  • Are you downloading a book, a video or a professionally recorded music CD without paying for it?
  • Are your kids viewing videos, movies, or listening to music that you didn't purchase for them?

If you answered "yes" to any or all of the questions above, odds are that you are violating AireBeam's Terms of Usage and we may block your service until we can contact you and obtain your commitment to cease and desist.Note: There's more to this requirement than simply the abuse caused by the multiple streams.  It is against United States Copyright and other Intellectual property rights regulations to download intellectual property of others without their permission.  Federal authorities have the right to  subpoena from AireBeam information necessary to identify Internet users who break these laws. We're not trying to be oppressive by documenting these facts; instead, we're trying to enlighten you,  so that you are aware of your responsibilities and ours with respect to protection of  intellectual property of others.