Enterprise Broadband, ePhone, WiFi and Surveillance Services

Enterprise Broadband, ePhone, WiFi and Surveillance Services
Enterprise Broadband, ePhone, WiFi and Surveillance Services

Welcome to AireBeam Broadband, Southern Arizona's Fastest Internet Service provider, offering you Screamin' Fast Internet, Pin Drop quality Phone Service and Free 24x7x365 telephone technical support wherever you need an Internet connection!

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AireBeam Broadband Enterprise services are available throughout Pinal and Maricopa Counties. AireBeam's services include:

  • Ultra Fast Internet - up to 1 gigabit/second (1,000mbps)
  • Hosted PBX - Unlimited Phone Service to Local, US, Canada. International from 1 cent/minute
  • Whole-Building WiFi and Surveillance Systems - with Hosted DVR. AireBeam services come with professional quality installation at extremely low prices.
  • Economically Sensible Contracts - Most of our services are provided without contracts.  We only ask for contracts when subcontracted infrastructure is required.
  • Service Outage Guaranteed Response  - in less than 4 hours. Click HERE for details.
  • Our 100% satisfaction Service warranty - Click HERE for details.

Enterprise Class Services
AireBeam can deliver Internet connections wirelessly at speeds up to 1 gigabit per second and with Fiber in areas where fiber is available at speeds up to 10 gigabits per second. No other provider in our coverage areas can deliver these speeds! AireBeam's unique combination of 10 gigabit fiber to the Internet and our gigabit network backbone make it possible for AireBeam to deliver the speeds that your corporation requires.

Enterprise Internet Installation
AireBeam Broadband's installation professionals come to your facility in our easily recognized service vehicles.  We determine the optimum location on your facility to mount our equipment assuring you the best quality signal reception.  The antenna is mounted to your roof using non-penetrating roof mounts to assure the integrity of your facility's roof. We then run a black exterior grade CAT5 cable as inconspicuously as practically possible into your facility to the room in which you want the service delivered.
Note: AireBeam Enterprise installers are not permitted to fish cables through areas above the ceiling that may be infested with rodent waste (fear of Hanta Virus). If your building has a dropped ceiling, our installers will fish the cable across the ceiling to the interior room of your choice. If you want our cable to be installed in a manner other than the standard method described above, AireBeam will provide the cable to you in advance of your installation and you may contract with someone else to pull the cable. If you elect this option, let our customer service person who is helping you place your order that you want the advanced cable option.  AireBeam will send a technician to measure and deliver the amount of cable you require.  AireBeam will charge your account $35 as a deposit.  If you complete the cable installation and we install our service, we will credit the deposit to your activation and first month service.  If, for some reason, you do not complete the installation and accept our service, the cable deposit is not refundable.)

Enterprise Class ePhone Service
AireBeam offers quality digital Voice Over IP ePhone Service. VOIP Phone service sends your voice over the Internet to the destination that you are calling. We transfer your existing published phone number(s) onto our service (referred to as "Porting" your number in) for a one time fee of $12 per number (Only published numbers need to be ported; hunt group numbers do not). AireBeam offers a variety of digital VOIP phones, with models offering a few buttons and small display to models with many buttons and a large display.

Internet Internet Internet Internet
                              Basic Desk Phone                       Attendant Console                       Cordless Phone                       Headset

Some of the most popular hosted PBX features are:

● Hunt Groups
● Auto Attendants keyed to Time of Day and Day of Week
● Call forward busy / no answer
● Off Premise Extensions
● Multiple physical offices under one phone system
● Voice mail to Email
● Conference Bridge
All for just $75 a month!

Your AireBeam ePhone service provides unlimited local and US (lower 48) calling on each talk path (analogous to Lines) . You can have as many talk paths as you need to conduct simultaneous phone calls, each for just $40 per month. International calling is optionally available for as low as 1 cent per minute, depending upon the city and country you are calling. Calling land line numbers is always less expensive than calling cell phone numbers.

Whole Building WiFi Service
AireBeam offers installation of "Whole Building WiFi" equipment. You pay us to provide and install state-of-the-art Ubiquiti Unifi WiFi equipment. Ubiquiti is the manufacturer of most of the radio equipment used throughout AireBeam's network. Ubiquiti's equipment is the best technology on the market at the most aggressive prices.

Internet Internet Internet Internet
                              Campus Wide                       Inconspicuous                       Front-Back                        Analytics

AireBeam provides and installs Unifi Access points for $249.95 each. Hosted Unifi Monitoring Server service is priced at $35 per month for the server and one Access Point. Each additional access point is $13 per month.

AireBeam's technicians install multiple access points, ceiling mounted, connected via CAT5 cable in the ceiling, and powered by Power Over Ethernet. The caveat is that you need either a drop ceiling or a crawl space above the ceiling that is safe for our Installers to work in, which means no rodent infestation (Hanta Virus). If we find that the crawl space is unsafe, we will give you the option of externally mounted cabling or aborting the installation. To learn more about a getting a Unifi Whole Building WiFi installation click HERE and send us an email.

Building and Workplace Surveillance
Today, business owners are more concerned about employee and workplace security than ever before. AireBeam offers a cost effective solution consisting of IP camera equipment installed inside and outside your building at locations that you determine are the most important to observe. The camera equipment is connected over AireBeam's network to a hosted, cloud based Video monitoring and recording server to which you have access from anywhere there is an Internet connection!

Internet Internet Internet
                              Bullet Camera                                     Dome Camera                                     Analytics

Cameras are $249.95 each installed. Hosted Video Server and DVR including one camera is $35 per month. Each additional camera is $13 per month. Finally, a word about our Accessory Pricing Model - AireBeam's Revenue and Profit model is based upon providing world-class recurring services. We know that the success of that model is predicated upon our customers maximizing their utilization of the services that we provide them. So, when it comes to selling and installing accessories, our pricing is designed to simply cover our costs, which makes us usually the low cost and best quality provider.

Payment and Terms
AireBeam's Standard Internet Installation is FREE and there are NO TERM CONTRACTS.  AireBeam does require that you keep the service for a minimum of 90 days; AireBeam charges a one time activation fee of $25 for Broadband Service. Payment is by debit or credit card autopay monthly on the "monthiversary" of the date of your installation. Payment is due consecutively for each month that service is installed. AireBeam does not offer partial service month billing.

Usage Terms
AireBeam Broadband Services are provided to you to use all month long without limitations on the quantity of bandwidth consumed.  We do, however, have one very important usage condition: we do not permit the usage of what is known as Multiple Stream Downloading Software.  Common names are Torrent, Bittorrent, uTorrent, Kazaa, and many others.  Here's why:  these download protocols are designed to open up as many independent download streams as your computer can support, then download a portion of the file that you are downloading using each stream.   Although this seems a good idea at first read,  the consequence of this multiple stream download is that your computer will overload our network equipment and virtually exclude all other customers on your neighborhood node from receiving normal service.  Worst of all,  you may never know these download protocols are being used until we block your account and attempt to call or email you. There are, however, some clues:

● Are you downloading copyrighted material without paying for it?
● Are you downloading a book, a video or a professionally recorded music CD without paying for it?
● Is anyone in your business viewing videos, movies, or listening to music that you did not purchase?

If you answered "yes" to any or all of the questions above, odds are that you are violating AireBeam's Terms of Usage and we may block your service until we can contact you and obtain your commitment to cease and desist.Note: There's more to this requirement than simply the abuse caused by the multiple streams.  It is against United States Copyright and other Intellectual property rights regulations to download intellectual property of others without their permission.  Federal authorities have the right to subpoena information from AireBeam necessary to identify Internet users who break these laws. We're not trying to be oppressive by documenting these facts; instead, we're trying to enlighten you so that you are aware of your responsibilities and ours with respect to protection of the intellectual property of others.

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