1996 FCC Telecommunications Act

The 1996 Federal Telecommunications Act

The 1996 US Federal Telecommunications Act was created to guarantee homeowners of single family homes and units in multifamily buildings as well as tenants of apartment buildings the right to install the antenna and related equipment necessary for them to be able to receive two-way wireless signals from Satellites and terrestrial transmitters for services such as Television and Internet.  Multifamily and multitenant structures differ slightly from single family residences in that the multifamily / multitenant structure must provide a location, usually described as limited common area, with access limited to the family / tenant that wishes to install the wireless equipment. However, if no such area exists, the property management company / HOA must allow the equipment to be placed somewhere on the property that does not impede the ability of the equipment to function as it was designed.

Usually, when a customer is confronted by a person of authority who is denying the customer the right to install Internet Antennas, simply presenting the person with this information is enough to end the confrontation.  But, it is always a good idea for home buyers or renters to have this discussion before buying or renting so as to avoid unnecessary confrontations.

Below please find a link to a printable PDF which provides the salient information that consumers facing obstruction by a property management company or an HOA may need to present to the obstructing organization as part of a process of reaching agreement to permit the consumer to proceed with the equipment installation.