Electronic Check Enrollment

As part of our ongoing effort to manage operating costs, AireBeam now offers electronic check as a method to pay your AireBeam bills.  And we’ll give you a $5.00 one-time account credit if you enroll.

Using electronic checks is simple and convenient.  It is the same system used by most electric and water utilities and the way most people pay their credit card bills.  The payment is deducted from your bank account on the appointed day at 6:00am.  The cost of this method of payment is born by AireBeam so that the payment transaction is FREE to you.  You will receive a 3-day in advance “heads up” notice by email to remind you that the monthly payment will occur. And, in appreciation for switching to Electronic Check, AireBeam will put a $5.00 credit on your account when you submit your enrollment.

To enroll in Electronic Check payment, please complete the form below and click SUBMIT when the form is completed.

You will receive a confirmation from AireBeam when we have finished setting up your account and applied the $5.00 credit.

Bank Check

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